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Radio telescopes and the black hole

by Prasad Ganti Astronomy traditionally have been confined to seeing the light emitted by heavenly bodies. Nineteenth century discoveries proved that light is only a small part of the spectrum of what is known as electromagnetic radiation. It was found … Continue reading

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India’s Space Ambitions

by Prasad Ganti Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated boldly on August 15, 2018 that India will have one of its citizens in space by August 15, 2022 when India celebrates its 75th independence day. Sounds very much like President … Continue reading

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The Goldilocks Zone

by Prasad Ganti The Goldilocks Zone While there are billions of galaxies and each galaxy harboring billions of stars, the probability of finding life elsewhere in the universe is significant. There may not be life resembling humans, in our neighborhood. … Continue reading

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Pioneers in understanding our Universe

by Prasad Ganti Pioneers in understanding our Universe Bell Labs was the research arm of the telephone company AT&T. In the telecommunication business, the scientists got to experiment with different radio antennas. And as an act of serendipity, came up … Continue reading

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Flying towards the Sun

by Prasad Ganti Flying towards the Sun Sun, the source of energy for our planetary system, has been an object of reverence since times immemorial. The relentless quest to understand what goes on in the Sun which causes so much … Continue reading

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The Space Barons

by Prasad Ganti The Space Barons “The Space Barons” is a book by Christian Davenport. It is the story of how the four billionaires are taking on the mantle of space exploration. To fill a void left by NASA. In … Continue reading

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From the human eye to AI

by Prasad Ganti From the human eye to AI It all started with humans observing points of light in the sky with their naked eyes. The quest to understand our planet earth, our solar system, our galaxy, and ultimately the … Continue reading

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The new exoplanet hunter

by Prasad Ganti The Falcon 9 rocket blasted off into space like what has now become a routine launch. This time the payload was a space telescope on a mission, a more powerful set of eyes, peeping into the heavens … Continue reading

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Dr. Stephen Hawking

by Prasad Ganti Dr. Stephen Hawking, world’s most famous contemporary physicist, passed away recently. He belongs to the pantheon of legends like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. He contributed significantly to our increased understanding of the Universe. Having read about … Continue reading

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Falcon Heavy

by Prasad Ganti SpaceX added another feather to its cap by launching the Falcon Heavy rocket with a much heavier payload than any other rocket before. Its maiden flight has garnered success. This flight makes it the heaviest launcher in … Continue reading

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Black Holes

by Prasad Ganti An episode of Nova titled “Black Holes” was aired recently on PBS (pbs.org). The latest issue of Scientific American carried an article by Priyamvada Natarajan on the same subject. The author was also featured on the Nova … Continue reading

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The perfect machine – Ronald Florence

by Prasad Ganti The book “The Perfect Machine” is written by Ronald Florence. A fascinating book about the design and construction of the 200 inch telescope at Mount Palomar during the years leading up to the second world war and … Continue reading

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