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The States of Matter

by Prasad Ganti As I listened to a science lecture on a Saturday morning, “Science on Saturdays” at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, the title was related to interaction of plasma with the surfaces. It made me think when the … Continue reading

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Launching a hundred satellites

by Prasad Ganti India’s space agency ISRO recently launched a rocket with one hundred and four satellites as payload and released each satellite in succession flawlessly into the intended orbit. Apart from setting a record, some trends became apparent to … Continue reading

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So far away…

by Prasad Ganti “Betelgeuse is 640 million light years away. It is a red giant, and is almost dying”. How do we know this, when it is difficult to find out what is happening in Syria or Russia? After all … Continue reading

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Cosmic Fireworks

by Prasad Ganti Stars are born, they live, and then they die. Like any living beings. They are born when lot of gas and dust comes together under the influence of gravity and a nuclear furnace gets lit. Hydrogen powers … Continue reading

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The Astronomical Vantage Point

By Prasad Ganti Last winter, I was driving across Pennsylvania in the middle of the night from the western border with Ohio to the south eastern border with New Jersey. I saw Orion the hunter, the most prominent constellation in … Continue reading

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Rocket Science

By Prasad Ganti Recently, SpaceX’s rocket Falcon 9 blew up on the launch pad, after having had several successes with Falcon 9 in the past. A further failure last year was reported when its rocket blew up in space. Regardless, … Continue reading

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Juno, the wife of Jupiter

By Prasad Ganti NASA’s Juno spacecraft traveled for five years before reaching Jupiter on July 4, 2016. It will orbit around for 20 months studying Jupiter’s atmosphere before crashing into it. The last spacecraft to visit and study Jupiter was … Continue reading

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Galaxies too die

by Prasad Ganti About three decades ago, when I came out of college I heard that all Stars are born and eventually die, it was a shocking revelation for me. Like it is for a child who learns that a … Continue reading

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Reusable Launch Vehicle

by Prasad Ganti SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket was recently launched from Cape Canaveral. It was a routine launch on a routine mission except for a couple of differences, which are important steps for a brighter future. SpaceX or Space Exploration … Continue reading

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