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quantum entanglement.

by Theodore R Frimet pass the uranium, please. It was 10 marbles for 99 cents, plus shipping, and I couldn’t resist. Imagine, uranium embedded into glass. Not a new thing, of course! Uranium glass has been around before there was … Continue reading

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Elysium Planitia, al dente – to the teeth

Theodore R. Frimet Really? I went to UACNJ, at Jenny Jump, the other day for a pasta dinner, and let me tell you fellow Astronomers, it was simply scrumptious! Janet and I had taken to the road much earlier, than … Continue reading

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A failure is a non sequitur

by Theodore Frimet or how I stumbled onto an Ultra Violet telescope A few articles ago, in fact, my first, I described how I was converting my passion for infrared based sensing of cloud height to near infrared sensing of … Continue reading

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A myth you can live by…

by Theo Frimet Angular momentum and the space time ripple effect I came. I listened. I learned. And all at last month’s lecture on how stars explode. I am writing here, today, to opine on how a software program running … Continue reading

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tabula rasa

by Theodore R Frimet A photon, neutrino and graviton walk into a bar… A photon, neutrino, and a graviton walk into a bar. Bartender asks, what’s with the graviton? The photon says, “let me explain”. The neutrino interrupts, and says, … Continue reading

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Near Infrared Telescope or how I said no to Cal-Tech

by Ted Frimet Ok, so maybe it isn’t so fair of me to say, I said “no” to Cal-Tech. What really happened was that I stumbled upon their article, on infrared astronomy. And right out of the gate they designated … Continue reading

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